Parents Page

Little Athletics is a volunteer-run club and cannot operate without the assistance of parents each week.

It is compulsory that at least one parent/adult guardian is present at the oval at all times whilst their children are there.
There are no exceptions to this rule – it is a condition of registration with Woolgoolga Athletics Club. Athletes that are consistently without a parent/guardian present will be asked to leave.

Parents/guardians have experience!
If you know your way around the events, any or all, we can use your help on running the events - things like measuring and scoring and giving tips to the kids on how to throw or jump. But you don't need to be an expert in athletics to help out. If this is your first year being part of little As, it may seem a little overwhelming at first. But you are not alone! All our committee members and regular volunteers wear bright vests so you can easily find us if you have questions. Looking after the kids and helping them get from one event to another, does not require any athletic experience and is one of the most important jobs on the field!

Setup and packdown
Setup can sometimes seem confusing. Last year's feedback has been taken on board and the committee is looking at better ways to setup.  We want to make it easier for everyone to help without needing to know much about the event setup. Events like hurdles and high jump need lots of hands. Working hours don't always allow you to get there early. And some days the kids are so hungry and tired at the end of the day you just want to get them fed and to bed. But we appreciate it every time you drop in early or stay back late to lend a hand. Many hands make light work! (And not to let the cat out of the bag, but packdown is where you meet some great new friends!)

WAC is a community club
Parents are always welcome to attend committee meetings. Come to provide feedback, discuss improvements or register your interest to be the next club President!


During WAC events we are typically taking photos of athletes that are

posted to our FB page. If you do not wish to have photos taken of either

yourself or an athlete, please let a committee member know.



Whilst it should go without saying, any form of antisocial behaviour from

athletes or their family/carer will not be tolerated.

Please encourage your fellow athletes with gratitude and goodwill,

including all those who are there to help and support.

If you witness great examples of these positive attributes please also

make this known to a committee member.


Safety & Other Rules

Like all organisations, Little Athletics has rules. Rules are there to ensure

the safety of all athletes, parents and visitors. We ask everyone to cooperate

and to keep to the rules so that we can all enjoy our Tuesday nights in safety.

All athletes must be registered with LANSW before they participate.


Working with Children

Of utmost importance is the safety and well being of all children and adults.

Volunteers without children in their care, have working with children approval.

We ask all parents to be vigilant and report to the committee anything they

feel is of concern in regards to the safety of children.


No Smoking & Alcohol

There is a strict no smoking and no alcohol policy at WAC.



All registered athletes and parent volunteers are covered by insurance taken out by Little Athletics Australia.



Although we know our furry friends are often classed as family, the

sportsground has a NO PETS policy.


Equipment and the Grounds

Please be mindful when officiating, participating and walking around

the grounds. Check the track before crossing and be extra careful around

throwing events